Cleans out the junk and makes your Mac run smoother in one click!

Bring life back into your Mac and get it working almost like new.

WinCleaner Mac Screen

Made for your Mac

WinCleaner knows how to safely clean your Mac in just One Click. Regular Mac cleaning has never beek quicker or easier.

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Cleans iTunes, Photos and Trash bins

There's more than music and pics in your iTunes and Photos - there's also unneeded clutter like iOS data and cache. WinCleaner removes all of this junk. And, WinCleaner also takes out the garbage by emptying all trash bins. All of this house cleaning makes more room for the stuff that you need.

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Cleanes up private files and info

WinCleaner helps you keep private things private. It wipes out the traces of your online activity, like Internet images and clutter. And it supports all popular browsers.

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Safely removes duplicate files

Drag and drop any folder or scan the entire drive for identical files. Safely remove all duplicate files hiding on your Mac and keep only one instance of each file.

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Uninstall Apps the right way

When you just drag an app to the Trash, it leaves a ton of files behind. To keep your Mac clean, remove apps the right way - uninstall them completely with WinCleaner.

Verified Customer Reviews


Great Invention

Really does a good job. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

LuLu12341, MO Dec. 16

Great Product

I used the WinCleaner on my iMAC and it worked like a charm! Now my Apple is running faster than it has ever been. Love this product!

Osomerset, TX Feb. 3

Must Have

Just put this on my computer. Great so far. I am looking forward to using every month. Thanks again.

Sprint1, MI Mar. 23
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Main Screen

The simple all-in-one screen, makes cleaning your MAC a breeze

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OneClick Screen

Maintian your MAC with just a click to Scan - Clean - Done

Eliminate the Frustration with Your Mac!

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